Ask Journey: What are some highlights coming up this year?

Wimbledon 2020

Journey will return to Wimbledon with Jaguar UK this year for another instalment of Ace Pace, a peer to peer mobile game that delivered inquiries to dealerships and directly lead to 180 car sales. This year we’re looking to achieve a world first in technology and engagement. Watch this space!

Scaling Up

We’ve been working with Quad Consulting on a Scaling Up programme, looking at everything in our business from People, Strategy, Cash, and processes.

We developed a 5 year plan with a refreshed set of values, and introduced individual development plans and balance scorecards.

I highly recommend Quad Consulting and the Scaling Up methodology, it’s been a revelation!

Custom software and enterprise websites continue to be the backbone of our work, while AR, Mobile Games and Design Sprints are becoming weekly occurrences in the studio too.

Air Travel Security: IATA

As air travel risks increase, Journey will be working with IATA on an exciting new project in Aviation Security Data.

Vehicle Inspection: Going Paperless

In 2019 we launched a new platform for Vehicle Inspection New Zealand to go paperless on all inspections and reporting, we’re seeing many of our clients look to improve the efficiency of their business engine. Business owners are focused on increasing the yield from their assets, whether that’s people, products or processors.

GOLF NZ: A Fresh New Look

Look out for an exciting rebrand of GOLF NZ taking their huge presence and membership to a new level on the global stage, more exciting digital projects to be announced.

GATORADE AUS: Augmented Reality

AR is an easily accessible technology with practical and entertainment opportunities. In Australia this year we’re working with Gatorade to engage a challenging audience and deliver an authentic brand lead experience.