Clever Clients: Jaguar UK

We worked with Jaguar UK on the challenge of leveraging their sponsorship of the world’s most prestigious tennis competition, Wimbledon.

With nationwide activations in major city centres, Jaguar needed a digital component to their sponsorship, to build brand recognition and deliver test drives at the dealerships.

We combined smartphone technology, Jaguar innovation and the world’s biggest tennis tournament. All in the name of fun.

Introducing the ‘Ace Pace’ app, which challenges players to serve head to head against an opponent. Using their smartphone as a tennis racket, players mimic a real tennis serve and are given a score based on speed, accuracy and rotation.

Players can keep serving and working their way up the leaderboard, earning trophies for gameplay along the way. There are daily winners and tournament winners with prizes up for grabs.

‘Jaguar UK wanted to make more of being the official car partner of the Championships, Wimbledon by creating an own-able moment that enthusiasts across the UK could engage with.  The ACE PACE app helped us attract a younger and more affluent audience and was downloaded by over 12,000 enthusiasts which led to 500 test drives and 150 car sales.’ says Phill Haines, CRM Manager of Jaguar Land Rover, UK.

Not only this, it also received strong earned media coverage with over 10 million earned media impressions through newspapers and media outlets, even having Venus Williams and Tim Henman enjoying the action.