Clever Clients: Jasmax

Collaborating with one of NZ's leading design & architect firms

Jasmax is a multi-disciplinary, bicultural architecture and design practice from New Zealand that have been around for over 50 years. We’ve worked alongside them for 7 of those and when they asked us to redesign their site with the vision to strengthen connections between culture, nature and architecture we jumped at the opportunity.

 “For our new site we wanted to create a compelling brand experience that showcased the many narratives that make up Jasmax. Importantly, we wanted the site to adapt to the content, not the other way around. The Journey and Jasmax team came together to develop a digital kit-of-parts that gives us the design freedom we were after.

As an architecture and design studio, we’re a bit pedantic about things like leading, kerning and padding – Journey were 100% on board and got stuck in with us as we refined the site to be just so. It was a true collaboration with our own internal design talent engaged directly with Journey’s technical expertise to create something we’re both super proud of.” says Oliver Haydon, Business Development Manager from Jasmax.

Check out the site and watch their incredible manifesto film here