Clever Clients: Winsborough

Turning big data into clear insights

Winsborough provides assessments and surveys to the largest companies in New Zealand.

The challenge was to replace all manual processes through an online customer portal and reporting hub. Journey was engaged to design the user experience and interface.

Winsborough works with New Zealand’s largest companies and government departments to provide data and insights on their employees. They do this through a suite of assessments and surveys targeted at employee psychology, capabilities and biases.

They had developed a back-end system to manage their assessments but needed to design the client facing front-end. They engaged Journey as a UX design partner to turn the conventional reporting into an industry-leading platform. Our mission was to take their big data and make it usable every day through a beautiful online experience.

Easy to use is hard to come by.

With large data comes infinite possibilities. Making data usable requires us to focus on what’s important to the user. This can change depending on the users role, but also, the time of day, month and year. It can change according to industry dynamics and the health of the organisation.

There were many factors adding to the complexity of the project, so to tackle it Journey ran a series of Design Sprints.

A Design Sprint is a week long programme where the purpose is to understand a challenge, come up with solutions and test them with a real audience, all in 5 days.

Using this process Journey designed the user interface and documented it ready for production in 3 weeks.

The Outcome:

Tūāpapa, an online portal for Winsborough and its clients to assess and progress talent within their organisations. From individuals through to teams, departments and regions.

  • Dashboard insights on teams and individuals strengths
  • Automated recommendations for teams and individuals
  • Compare all teams, demographics and individuals against global data and norms
  • Comparable 360 Survey results across all teams and demographics