Innovating The Fan Journey

SIX60 take technology to the top

Our very own homegrown band SIX60 made history on Saturday becoming the first Kiwi band to sell out Western Springs Stadium. 50,000 people attended the electrifying show, breaking records and leaving fans more than satisfied with their plethora of soulful pop rock beats.

Extending on from the success of the Golden Ticket campaign SIX60 teamed up with us to reward their loyal fans something rather ‘special’ - the SIX60 All Access App. Patrons were given a unique code to unlock the app which features behind the scenes snaps, merchandise and will offer new music before anywhere else. Most importantly though, the App features the chance for fans to secure their next ticket for Western Springs 2020 on Ticketmaster with just a $5 reserve! Winning or what?

Working with the lovely lads from SIX60 we had a vision to create something special that thanked them for being fans. SIX60 are unique and a band that thinks differently, and the app is an extension of their philosophy.

We were stoked to discover the App has topped the NZ Free App Chart on the day of release and has not moved since the launch on Saturday. Go boys and roll on 2020!

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