EMEA/North America
The Challenge

Reimagine a skier's customer experience and answer the question: how can we cut queue times and get a skier onto the snow faster and with less hassle.

The Outcome

The InTouch Ski App enables the ski field to serve their customers better, faster, personally and in a more meaningful way.

The Client

InTouch Technology is a New Zealand company with a solid reputation for building sales and retention software for health and fitness clubs. As a company, InTouch had a new challenge to solve. They wanted to expand their business into the ski field market, but they also knew that their tech was 16 years old, and it needed an overhaul.

InTouch approached us to develop an innovative way to adapt their software to revolutionise how ski fields (worldwide) interact with their customers. Our mission was two-fold – the overall design of the system and the implementation.

How might we reduce friction throughout the journey to get the whole family up on the mountain. Considering every touch point — checking the weather, buying passes, hiring gear, ordering food and booking lessons?

In January 2021, we began a series of Agile Sprint cycles to reimagine a skier’s customer experience and answer the question: how can we cut queue times and get a skier onto the snow faster and with less hassle? We pulled apart every touchpoint that a skier has with the ski field – from checking out snow information through to buying their passes, hiring gear, ordering food, and booking lessons. For example, in the past, if a family wanted to book their ski passes, they would have an online form where they could fill out the details for each family member. The catch was that the needs of each family member could be quite different, and they couldn’t see the total price until the end of the process.

Our solution

We flipped the process around and created an intelligent product matrix. In the new Intouch Ski App, a family can immediately see real-time pricing based on variables such as age, product and ski field. They can apply discounts and upgrades, check ski instructor schedules and make a booking – all within the same app. When they get to the ski field, all the skier has to do is walk in, pick up their pre-ordered hire gear, food and drink and start skiing! No more long queues, no more hassle. ​


The InTouch Ski App is a breakthrough product and a great example of a New Zealand company shaking up an entire industry and leading the way in tech on a global scale.