September 27, 2022
David Hayward

Clipsal by Schneider Electric (Clipsal) and Journey have won gold at the Sydney Design Awards in the Digital – Expanded Service or Application category and a silver award in the Digital – corporate category for the FlexSelect platform.

Flex Select GoldSydney, Australia, 23 September 2022:

Journey and Clipsal by Schneider Electric (Clipsal) are delighted to win gold at the Sydney Design Awards in the Digital – Expanded Service or Application category for the FlexSelect platform and a silver award in the Digital – Corporate category. These awards complement another silver award win in July at the Melbourne Design Awards.

The annual BETTER FUTURE Sydney Design Awards form part of the world’s largest network of design award programs. Celebrating the understanding and implementation of Sustainable Development Goals, the awards highlight projects that encourage a positive environmental impact.  

The award win is the result of an ambitious design programme on FlexSelect, which makes it easier for partners to plan, configure and quote distribution boards.  

“We are thrilled to have our FlexSelect programme recognised at this year’s BETTER FUTURE Sydney Design awards,” said Tim Pratt, General Manager – Marketing, Power Products and Solutions.  

The programme is a prime example of Clipsal’s dedication to innovation, offering users the ability to construct and quote extensively customisable circuit boards. While the programme offers a rich feature set, FlexSelect has been recognised with this award for being the easiest tool on the market to use, without compromising any of its functionality.  

“Our customers are at the core of everything we do, which is why we wanted to make their experiences on FlexSelect richer and easier. With the support of our digital partners like Journey, we can deliver best-of-breed solutions for our customers,” added Tim.  

“FlexSelect’s premium user experience design is the result of a dedicated focus on the customer experience process.” Dane Tatana, Managing Director, Journey Digital.  “Balancing great user experience design without losing all the innovative features of FlexSelect was a significant achievement, so it’s great that this was recognised by the judges.”

Clipsal is the leading Australian electrical safety, home design and energy solutions innovator, combining more than 25 years of local know-how with global expertise to create innovative design products.  

The elegant new user experience design enables electricians, switchboard manufacturers and other customers to create and configure their circuit boards wherever they are. In addition, users can design, label and drag-and-drop components into individual projects for future reference, and receive an instant quote for their customised configuration.

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