July 21, 2022
David Hayward

MedAire’s Aviation Security Portal enables planners to protect their fleets with live security assessments and threat analysis of airspaces, aggregating over 20,000 data points into an interactive world-view.

Safety first for private aviation

Commercial aviation almost collapsed in 2020. MedAire stepped in with a powerful tool delivering actionable global intelligence, keeping private aircraft flying safely.   

The disruption of commercial travel worldwide has driven an explosion of private air travel. MedAire were required to create a platform to provide the very best data and insights to their customer base of 15,000 private jets. MedAire’s objectives were to get their customers safely home to their loved ones, continue operating their business during volatile times.

User and visual designs for a specific audience 

The vision for the MedAire Aviation Security Portal was to bring a contemporary visual and user experience to flight planners and the aviation industry, inspired by well-admired consumer apps.

The visual design and user design of the MedAire Aviation Security Portal are informed by deep empathy from extensive customer journey mapping and user testing. The primary users are operational teams and flight planners working in flight command centres. 

The visual design has an up-market, sleek, contemporary feel. It’s dark themed, ensuring the platform does not introduce too much artificial light into the dark flight planners environment in a way that may interrupt or disrupt the users. The platform is designed to be visually clear, without text. 

The user experience is designed around the principle of being one click away for vital information. On-hand portals surround the main interface to allow users to toggle or zoom-in quickly. 

Surfacing the right actionable intelligence at the right time 

MedAire Aviation Security Portal brings together disparate data and disciplines together in one innovative platform, bringing product design usually reserved for consumer applications like Uber. The difference is that the users are a much smaller number of people, but whose roles make a dramatic and outsized impact on the safety of their colleagues and customers. 

Before the platform was implemented, operators would have to extract all the vital data from at least three different platforms, and with much less of the sophistication and “on-time” information capabilities of MedAire Aviation Security Portal . 

Ultimate control for flight controllers and air fleets 

The solution came from the insight that flight planners want ultimate control. We provide a world view on-demand, plus a drill-down into the detail of their particular flights. 

There is contextual visualisation of data points showing real-time aircraft in flight, risk regions associated with airspace, and AI-driven alerts and incidents. 

The platform’s artificial intelligence aggregates from over six million data points from social media so that operators can respond to incidents as they happen – and before they are reported in the press. 

Operators have at their fingertips intelligence that includes understanding a city's volatility with incident history across dozens of categories; and country intelligence that profiles regional history, travel guidance, safety and security. 

At any one time, there 20,000 data points aggregated and visualised on the MedAire Aviation Portal, making it a global and industry first.

David Hayward
Chief marketing officer
Dave is a comic book nerd who is a marketer in that order. Channeling his surprisingly unused fine arts degree, he’s worked client and agency-side for brands (including some famous ones) in all sorts of industries including technology and sport.