June 18, 2022
David Hayward

MedAire’s aviation security platform MedAire360 features a user interface and design that helps aviation operators and security managers make informed decisions based on the best security assessments and threat analysis.

Safety first for private aviation

Commercial aviation nearly collapsed in early 2020 as the pandemic grounded fleets all over the world. It was the perfect time for MedAire to develop a powerful new tool to deliver actionable global intelligence to keep aircraft flying safely.  

As border restrictions gradually lifted, demand for private air travel surged. But more complicated travel requirements posed a challenge for MedAire’s customers, flight operators who between them manage around 15,000 jets.

The answer was an intuitive platform offering the best data and insights to allow MedAire’s customers to continue operating during volatile times and get their customers safely home to their loved ones. The platform is available to the private aviation industry as MedAire360, whilst commercial airlines access the portal through MedAire’s Aviation Operational Security Services.

Make it simple

MedAire360 brings together disparate data and disciplines in one place, offering around 20,000 data points that inform best health and security assessments and threat analysis. The challenge with so much rapidly changing information was to present the information with the ease of use of the Uber app or Google Maps.

That’s where Journey came in. We created a highly visual design for MedAire360 with deep empathy for the customer experience, informed by extensive customer journey mapping and user testing.

The user interface design has a sleek, contemporary feel. Its dark theme cuts down on glare, allowing flight operators and security managers to easily see colour-coded threats and security alerts for different parts of the globe.

“The intuitive design and ease of use allow our clients to absorb the content and make timely decisions from a health and security standpoint,”
— Jodi Ash, General Manager, Americas and Products at MedAire.

Everything in one place

Before the platform was implemented, flight operators and security managers had to extract vital travel data from multiple platforms, a time-consuming process.  

Now MedAire360 users access a dashboard of data points showing real-time aircraft in flight, risk regions associated with airspace, and AI-driven alerts and incidents.

The platform’s artificial intelligence aggregates over six million data points from social media so that operators can assess potential incidents as they happen – and before they are reported in the press.

“You can drill down by country, city or airport and look at the most recent alerts. It’s all there summarised for you, is fully searchable and you can pull the detailed report if required.”

Actionable info at the right time

The solution came from the insight that flight operators and security managers want ultimate control. They have at their fingertips intelligence that helps them understand a destination city’s risk profile, with incident history across dozens of categories and country intelligence that profiles regional history, travel guidance, medical information, safety, and security.

“Journey embraced this being a client-led project and with effective agile development gave us incredible speed to market,” Jodi reflects on the development process. A small group of super users take advantage of MedAire360. But its ease of use helps operators to conduct business globally and travel safely while doing so.”
David Hayward
Chief marketing officer
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