EMEA/North America
The Challenge

Creating awareness and engagement in a new, premium range of light switches and sockets in order to drive sales.

The Outcome

An interactive digital experience achieving conversion rates of 31% and providing rich insights into customer product preferences.

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How might we empower the home owner in a rich and delightful experience to explore outside of the conventional styles, expanding their boundaries and creating a unique style for their homes?

The Challenge

PDL wanted to launch their new design-led “Iconic” product range, a series of stylish light switches and matching plug sockets for the home. As with all new product launches, PDL needed to create awareness and engagement in their target demographic: people looking to renovate their existing home or build a new one.

The primary challenge was enabling customers to see beyond the more established, lower price ‘600 Series’ range and understand the choice and possibilities that the Iconic range presented.

Our solution

To address the challenge, we created ‘Find your Style’ – an online experience that enables the Homeowner to explore the Iconic range, visualise the different products in their own home and once they’ve found the style that fits, connect them with a local electrician or wholesaler.  

Working in close collaboration with the PDL team, we build a working prototype and then made iterative changes based on user testing and feedback from product owners, home owners and specifiers.

‘Find Your Style’

An interactive, web-based tool which empowers the home owner to find the style that works for them.

The first step is to select from one of four styles — classic, contemporary, industrial or natural. From there, the user can choose the room of the house and customise the colour of the walls. They’re provided with a recommendation of which Iconic product is the best match.

‘Find your Style’ continues to be a very successful tool and something that other Schneider brands and markets have replicated. The analytics dashboard paints a very positive picture, with site visits exceeding six minutes and 30% of visitors choosing the option to find a local electrician or distributor. The insights that the dashboard provides has helped PDL product owners to understand popular products and style combinations, information which has helped to shape the product development road map and future marketing efforts.