EMEA/North America
The Challenge

With a record breaking concert approaching, we were tasked with engaging fans through a series of activations, campaigns and competitions.

The Outcome

A social media campaign, a new e-commerce platform and an exclusive fan app called ‘All Access’ which had over 11,000 downloads, a first for any band in Australasia.

App Downloads
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Western Springs Concert Goers

The Client

SIX60 has been on top of the New Zealand music industry for a decade. In February 2019, New Zealand's most loved band played a record breaking concert in Western Springs for over 50,000 fans.

How do we give back to the fans, provide authentic experiences and build the hype?

Our Approach

As fans entered the 2019 show they were given a card with a unique code to unlock the SIX60 All Access App. We wanted the look of the app to be bold and mysterious, it needed to draw people in and keep them intrigued. We wanted to drive home a sense of exclusivity through the design.

The app ensured fans who attended the show had exclusive access to the 2020 show as well as new merchandise and behind the scenes SIX60 content. The cards, along with the app offered the fans exclusive access to the history being made that night. The app was promoted on digital screens and social with a ‘how to’ animated video guide.


Post Gig we reminded fans via social stories how to get the app if they hadn’t and sent push notifications to those who had. The push notifications enabled anyone who had missed it the chance to reserve their tickets.

Our mission was two-fold — the overall design of the system and the implementation.