EMEA/North America
The Challenge

Creating a fully-accessible platform that helps Attitude to reach more viewers globally with their inspirational videos and documentaries.

The Outcome

A first of its kind for disability-focussed content, an online experience which has created significant uplifts in visits, views and session durations.

We’ve had nothing but positive feedback on the project. Our major sponsors were all completely blown away and loved that we were able to do what we’ve done.

Asher Finlayson, Head of Digital, Attitude

The Client

Attitude is the world's leading producer of documentaries and video content about people living with disabilities and chronic health. From those born with congenital complications to those who have acquired physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities through illness or accident, their work provides a unique platform for real people to share their stories.

These stories — of adversity, of adaptation, of incredible courage and strength — are a tremendous source of understanding and inspiration for those who also have a disability — and for those who don’t.

Given the positive change and sense of possibility that these stories help to inspire, Attitude’s primary goal was to reach an even wider audience. They wanted to create a platform which would enable them to increase their global reach, to increase their site traffic, to increase their viewership and really importantly, to increase the amount of time viewers spent watching their content.

Our Approach

A first step in the process was to work with our technology partners at Brightcove and Umbraco to understand the art of the possible.

We reviewed all of the options around content management, video management, hosting and infrastructure in order to develop a solution which would meet Attitude’s goals and expectations: a high quality, scalable platform that gave the Attitude team full and easy control over content management moving forward.

With a blueprint in place, we then set about wireframing and prototyping the platform and user testing it until it was perfect. A key and complex part of this phase was ensuring that the platform that we were building could be accessed by those with physical, visual, auditory and intellectual impairments. A huge amount of time, research and focus went into this critical element. The final piece of the puzzle was to come up a fresh, contemporary visual design: a look and feel that would further help Attitude to break new ground and the paradigms that exist around disability and disability-related content.

The Outcomes

Since the platform launch, Attitude has seen a 60% increase in session duration from the previous year — a phenomenal increase and the statistic that mattered most.

Based on the success of the project, Journey has established itself as a strategic technology partner to Attitude and their team. We continue to provide support, advice, maintenance and enhancements to ensure that AttitudeLive remains a global source of inspiration to those living with disabilities.